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Compagnia Dello Scompiglio

BOX DMEDM 51On the corner (2019)

by Cecilia Bertoni
in collaboration with Carl G. Beukman and Mauro Carulli

14-15-16 June and 13-14-15 September 2019




BOX round midnight

round midnight (2016)







BOX 2014 Nannerl

Nannerl, sorella di Mozart
(Nannerl, Mozart’s Sister) 2014

Nannerl, sorella di Mozart  inspired by the dice game Mozart used for improvisation, plays between comic and tragic, sound and movement, between a brother and a sister, a male and a female.




Trilogy of Absence comprises of three performances that interact and engage with the theme of losing and winning, its relationship with time and in all its different dynamics, in and out of reality. The question is addressed from different perspectives and develops in different spaces and places of the Tenuta Dello Scompiglio.


BOX Tesorino 2013

Tesorino, perché hai perso?
(Sweetheart, Why did you Lose?)

The performance originates and develops around the ironic absurdity of winning and losing, and how both of these exert excessive influence on our self-esteem and on the concept of success in our culture. The performance takes place in the Performance Space, in a face to face relationship between actors and audience.



BOX 2010 RiflessiRiflessi in Bianco e Nero
(Reflections in Black and White)

Is a journey in four stages focused on loss and memory, that winds through various locations of the Tenuta, moving between action and installation, where the public and the performers sometimes end up mixed together.




BOX KoB 2013Kind of Blue

the last part of the Trilogy - is currently in development in one of the exhibition rooms. The interpreters of the first two parts become themselves the subjects of a film. They tell their secrets and talk about their bodies as imperfect casings. At the same time as the video installation, in a live scene, a turret and an astronaut who can no longer distinguish between true and false, between real and fictional characters, between the past and the present, reality and imagination.



BOX 2010 Atto SempliceAtto Semplice
(Simple Act)

Atto semplice is a physical theatre performance that revolves around the revelation, the awakening. In a static space one pedestal, like an island. A statue, butterflies, abandoned objects, fragments crystalised in time, enchanted in soliloquies.




BOX 2006 Porta girevolePorta Girevole 
(Revolving Door)

The Compagnia Dello Scompiglio played the performance  Porta Girevole on the 3rd and 4th November 2010 at the Teatro della Limonaia in Sesto Fiorentino (Florence), during the festival "Dinamiche scomposte 2010" - artistic project Company Blu.


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